Dolphins. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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10 years ago
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Average diver (3-5 yrs)
CMAS *** / Rescue
HSE Professional SCUBA, Padi Rescue Diver
Advanced Buoyancy, Boat, Dry Suit, UW Photographer
Occasionally during year
Ampitheatre, Andros Island, Bahamas

Dive Trips

Andros Island, Bahamas
Once a year
2 or 3 weeks, Several months
Yes, with friends
Prefer not to say...
Lack of crowds

Personnal info

United Kingdom
Unemployed Resting Travelling
English, German
Scuba, Treckking, Road biking, Other
Runnig, Swimming
Wanted - freaking love it.

Dive Sites

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Cantidad de sitios de buceo: 8


1 sitios de buceo

Andros Island

Sitio de buceo GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Andros Island - Amphitheatre Estupendo CMAS ** / AOW 25 m 9 2 4


5 sitios de buceo


Sitio de buceo GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Magicienne Rock Bueno CMAS * / OW 21 m 7
Pulau Chebeh SouthEast Normal CMAS ** / AOW 27 m 5
Pulau Labas Normal Para todos niveles 17 m 13
Pulau Renggis Bueno Para todos niveles 13 m 21
Tiger Rocks Bueno CMAS ** / AOW 30 m 9 1 1

United Kingdom

2 sitios de buceo

South West

Sitio de buceo GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
HMS Scylla Estupendo Para todos niveles 20 m 14 1
James Egan Layne Wreck Bueno No sé 24 m 21 2


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About Me

Hi. Well my names mike. I recently finished my degree at the University of Plymouth, England, in Environmental Science (Marine Conservation) where i qualified as a HSE Part 4 Professional SCUBA diver. I graduated in the summer of 2008 and am now trying to find my feet as an environmental scientist. I have just come back from a marine conservation volunteer course in the Bahamas with a company called greenforce where i got my recreational qualification as a Rescue Diver. I currently live in the north of england in harrogate however am looking at moving down south back to plymouth where i feel there should be more jobs in the environmental conservation sector (This is where the Marine Biological Association and Marine Conservation Society are Based). I am also currently looking at the Royal Navy as a Clearence Diver or the Royal Navy Reserves as a Diver Underwater Force Protection. Again Plymouth is probably one of the most conveniant places in the country to be based for this.

Anyway thats enough about me, i look forward to finding out more about you and your diving experiences.


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