Dolphins. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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New Zealand
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Cairns and Port Douglas

Sitio de buceo GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Broken Patches Normal CMAS * / OW 50 m 11 4

New Zealand

5 sitios de buceo

Bay of Plenty

Sitio de buceo GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Lazens Reef Estupendo CMAS ** / AOW 30 m 1 2
Seafire wreck Bueno CMAS ** / AOW 32 m 1 1
Volkner Rocks Marine reserve Estupendo CMAS * / OW 20 m 1 1
Whale Island Bueno Para todos niveles 20 m 1 1
White Island Estupendo CMAS * / OW 20 m 1 1


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About Me

Diveworks Charters

Specialising in fishing, diving, sightseeing and eco tourism in the rich waters surrounding White Island (Whakaari) and Whale Island (Moutohora), active volcanic islands in the  Eastern Bay of Plenty. New Zealand

Based in Whakatane which is 75 minutes drive South of Tauranga and East of Rotorua or 3 1/2 hours South of Auckland.

Year round our waters contain Yellow tail kingfish, snapper, gurnard, terikihi, kahawai, mackerel, crayfish, and many more tasty and sporty fish. In the summer season we also have pelagic fishing for yellowfin tuna and marlin and have regular sightings of dolphins and whales, 

Diveworks is a 10.5 metre (34 ft) Fast aluminium 'Day boat'  with full walkaround 'Childsafe' decks and rails. We are well set up for all inshore and deep sea fishing, sightseeing, diving, dolphin watching plus.

Passenger licensed to carry up to 15 inshore and 10 to the Coastal limits, this is a well known versatile and safe vessel.

A 100% locally owned and family operated business since 1997, Phil and Steph van Dusschoten (Owner/Operators) invite you to join them for an 'Experience to remember' with over 18,000 satisfied customers to date.

We supply all top quality equipment and do fish preparation and tuition if required.

For further information and bookings. 

Ph. Local 64 (07) 3085896, Free Phone 0800 308 5896  or mobile(txt) (027) 628 0849

Diveworks is berthed on the main Wharf, 50 meters down from the Sports fishing club with ample free all-day parking immediatly adjacent to boat.

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