Big eye, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 USAT Liberty Wreck


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Titulo : USAT Liberty shipwreck, Tulamben, Bali

Descripción : The USAT Liberty was torpedoed by the Japanese off Lombok and beached at Tulamben in Bali. In 1963 the last eruption of Mount Agung caused the wreck to slide deeper into the sea where she lies today. The USAT Liberty shipwreck makes an excellent dive site. This video features the towering stern, the coral-encrusted gun on the bow, and the wreck's atmospheric interior. Today the wreck is teeming with marine life. The video includes the famous green humphead parrotfish, a hawksbill turtle, garden eels, sweetlips, cardinalfish, butterflyfish, titan triggerfish, surgeonfish, ringed pipefish, trumpetfish, midnight snapper, corals, a flatworm, mantis shrimp, spinecheek anemonefish, moorish idols and a shrimpgoby. Shot in May 2006 with More Bali diving videos at

Etiquetas : Tulamben, USAT Liberty, Liberty, wreck, shipwreck, scuba diving, diving, Bali, Indonesia, underwater, nature, travel, Aquamarine, humphead parrotfish, fish, coral, reef, angelfish, garden eel, Nick Hope, Bubble, Vision, yt:quality=high

Evaluación : 5.00

Duración : 00:04:16

Vídeo presentado por Nick Hope (09-07-2012) 24/24 en su móvil

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