Lizard fish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 San Diego

USA, California

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La Jolla 6 0

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Sitios de buceo

Sitios de buceo (7)
Calidad Profundidad media Profundidad máxima Experiencia Tipo de buceo
Carlsbad Artificial Reef #1 - / -
10 m 20 m CMAS * / OW
Missile Tower - / -
48 m 50 m CMAS *** / DiveMaster
New Hope Rock - / -
7.6 m 12.2 m Para todos niveles
NOSC Tower Wreck 3 / -
9.1 m 18.3 m CMAS ** / AOW
Point Loma - / -
6 m 12 m Para todos niveles
Ruby E. Wreck 4 / -
25.0 m 27.5 m CMAS ** / AOW
Yukon Wreck 6 / -
25.0 m 32.0 m CMAS ** / AOW


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La Jolla Cove
United States of America

La Jolla Cove
United States of America

La Jolla Cove
United States of America

La Jolla Cove
United States of America


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 Últimos logs de buceo

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Yukon Wreck
By mrwilson
Jun 11, 2009
Yukon Stern - Again the water and conditions were the same as on the first dive.  The Temp was again 52F.

Yukon Wreck
By mrwilson
Jun 11, 2009
Yukon Midships - Ok Dive but the Current was a bit stronget than expected.  Visibility was 25' and the water was 53F but all in all not a bad bive.  The pictures were good but had a little trouble with the F-Stop calculations.  I used a MM-EX wit

Yukon Wreck
By beinghuman
Oct 25, 2008
Yukon deep wreck - visibility ~30ft, t=57F buddies Kostya and Graham the deepest dive I had, The wreck looks impressive, lots of rooms many anemonies, interesting to read signs.

La Jolla Cove
By beinghuman
Sep 28, 2008
La Jolla sep 2008 - visibility ~12ft end pressure 1000, because Buddy Kostik, ran out too earlier  We first paddled away into the sand with some help  then got back to grass and rocks 20-30ft  and saw many lobsters as well as one sma

 Últimos viajes

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Trip: San Diego
By mrwilson
From Jun 6, 2009 to Jun 14, 2009
Took the Trip With Mike, Cheri, John & Steph to San Diego.  Stayed in Mesquite on the way down and the way back in our RV's and had a great time.  Spent two days diving on the 11th & 12th.  We dove the Yukon on the 11th a


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