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 Jeffreys Ledge

Stellwagen Bank

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Titulo : Dive Site: Jeffreys Ledge in Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary 2010

Descripción : Jeffreys Ledge is a large glacial remnant, stretching 33 miles from offshore of Rockport, MA to Cape Elizabeth, ME. On the northern edge of the sanctuary, rocky ridges on the southern edge of Jeffreys Ledge rise to within 115 feet of the surface. The shallowest portion of the ledge is comprised of piled cobble and boulders. Anemones, stalked tunicates, and coralline algae reside on the rocks making for a colorful landscape when illuminated with a dive light. The ledges piled boulders create a complex structure with many crevices for marine fishes like cusk and wolffish. Video courtesy of Matthew Lawrence, NOAA/SBNMS. For more information on diving Jeffreys Ledge visit:

Etiquetas : cod, whale, wolffish, cusk, marine, Jeffreys, Ledge, Stellwagen, Wreck, ship, Boston, NOAA, diving, SCUBA, ocean, water, Massachusetts

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