Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Sa Marina

Spain, Balearic

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Datum: WGS84 [ Ayuda ]
Precisión: Aproximadamente

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Latitud: 39° 43.113' N
Longitud: 2° 35.248' E

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After leaving Valldemossa, follow the indicators.

You'll get to the little fishermen's harbour and cove by driving for about 5 km along a beautiful but (very) narrow mountain road that goes down following the cliffs' edge to the sea level.

Take care about small terrain collapses that may happen during the winter and rainy weather, leaving earth and stones on the road's blacktop.

¿Como? Desde la costa

Distancia Acceso inmediato

¿Fácil de encontrar? Fácil de encontrar

 Características del sitio de buceo

Nombre alternativo Port de Valldemossa

Profundidad media 10 m / 32.8 ft

Profundidad máxima 18 m / 59.1 ft

Corriente Débil ( < 1 nudo)

Visibilidad Buena ( 10 - 30 m)


Calidad del sitio Normal

Experiencia Para todos niveles

Bio interés 

Más detalles

Multitud entre semana 

Multitud en fin/semana 

Tipo de buceo

- Ambiente

Actividades del sitio de buceo

- Biologia marina
- Entrenamiento de buceo
- Snorkel / Buceo libre
- Orientación


- Pesca submarina
- Tráfico de barcos

 Información adicional

Easy parking next to the water if you arrive there not too late in the morning :)
The parking is little and sometimes overbooked because of the beautiful sight during the turistic season.

You can enter the water by stepping from the wharf or by walking on the slipway. Take care about maneuvering boats inside the little harbour, and about boat traffic in summer.

We dived heading to the 270º, perpendiculary to the seashore. The bottom is going down slowly and regullary, and we dived for about 20 minutes to get 18 m deep. The bottom is almost flat and made of stone platforms covered by Posidonia and algae, whith some little holes and crevices here and there.

An easy dive

Restaurants at the harbour


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